Deadly Pursuit

Deadly Pursuit

Jess is on the hunt for Hank Shelly, which leads him to the spot where a stagecoach robbery took place with two men left dead on the ground. He tracks Shelly for a short while from the scene, but Shelly is covering his tracks well.

That takes him to the town of Holly, where he meets a rich rancher by the name of Orton Ruse. He quickly discovers that Shelly, who had previously worked for the rancher, robbed the stagecoach and took one hundred thousand dollars that belonged to Ruse.

Ruse offers Jess a large cash reward to hunt Shelly down and get his money back. Meanwhile, another man, who was inside the stagecoach when Shelly robbed it, decides to go after Shelly himself for the money.

Their paths cross several times and Jess is not sure if he’s a friend or foe, but time will tell as the two men hunt for the elusive Hank Shelly.

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