Calcutta The Newest Book

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After splitting up from the young bounty hunter, John Smith, Jess is on the hunt for Malcomb Ruel, which takes him to Muncie, Texas. While in Muncie, he discovers that since passing through the town of Kearny they hired a marshal, but he was gunned down hours after he took the job. He then hunts the two men who killed the marshal and returns to Kearny to let them know the men responsible have paid the price.

While there, he receives a request from United States Marshal Frank Reedy, telling him to meet him and John Bodine in the town of Calcutta, where five men have robbed the bank, killed two deputies and wounded the marshal, an old friend of both Bodine and Reedy.

While in Calcutta, Wildcat shows up looking for the elusive killer, Noah Cain. Jess promises to help Wildcat catch Cain if she helps them chase down the five robbers.

Jess, Reedy, Bodine and Wildcat team up together, and they hunt down the robbers. With these four on your trail, your odds of escaping aren’t good. The hunt begins. Lead flies and men die, but will justice be done in the end?