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Jess left Ellie Mae back in Reedsville and was now heading to the town of Hampton, Texas, where the next man on his hunt list, Walt Goodell, had last been seen. He keeps thinking about Marsh Prewitt, the strange man he’d met before leaving Reedsville.

While in Hampton, he runs into a beautiful woman by the name of Delilah. She’s an extraordinary singer from the East, who wants to see what the West is like. He also runs into Marsh Prewitt again, the man who says he’s the one who can kill him, yet he never tries.

Soon Jess discovers that Delilah, the daughter of a very wealthy businessman, has been kidnapped by four men and is being held for a large ransom.

Her father, Horatio, disagrees with Jess on how to get his daughter back. Jess decides to go after the outlaws who took her anyway.

Marsh Prewitt keeps showing up wherever Jess goes, and he doesn’t like it. He’s not sure if Prewitt is there to help or hinder him.