Martha Heller

Martha HellerJess and Wildcat go separate ways after hunting down the Whittaker gang. He begins his hunt for the slippery killer, Buck Benson. He locates him in the town of Starkey, Texas, but he’s going by the name of Harry Black. He’s now married and has a young son. The people of the town have even elected him as the mayor and, by all accounts, he is a very generous man. Jess finds himself in a quandary regarding this man who has no memory of his past life.

Jess decides to hunt his next man, Rick Gale, but he receives an urgent message from the schoolmarm, Martha Heller. He drops everything and heads straight to Harrison, Texas. The marshal of the town ends up wounded badly and Jess pins on his United States Marshals badge to enforce the law there. Jess is in love with Martha but knows that he can’t act on his feelings until he hangs up his guns and retires.