Circle of Death

Circle of Death

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Jess is on the hunt for Griff Euler. Along the way, he meets a man by the name of Mace Lovitt. Unsure if he’s a threat or not, he contacts his friend, Deputy United States Marshal Frank Reedy, to find out.

He learns that Lovitt is a former Texas Ranger on the hunt for the two men who murdered his wife. He helps Lovitt track down the men responsible, but the task isn’t easy. They fled to Mexico after the murder. Jess has to figure out how to make them come back across the border to Texas. He finds a way, but he must risk his life to get it done.

As difficult as that task was, Jess receives a wire from Wildcat, the female bounty hunter out of New Mexico Territory. She has chased a vicious killer all the way from the territory into Texas, but has lost his trail and needs help locating him.

They team up again and go on the hunt for her prey. Wildcat has made some new enemies in Texas, and they’re determined to stop her.