Bad Blood

Bad Blood

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Jess parted from the gunslinger Deacon and was now on the hunt for a wanted man by the name of Ron Johnson. He was a malevolent killer who had raped and murdered a woman with child.

After putting Johnson in the grave where he belonged, he continues his hunt for ruthless killers. His travels take him to the town of Hugely, where a man, who is wrongly believed to be Burt Logan, is in the town jail accused of murdering an unarmed man.

Jess determines that the man is telling the truth. He’s the identical twin brother of Burt Logan and his name is George.
Believing his story, Jess convinces the town marshal to let him take George into federal custody until he can find his brother Burt.

His task becomes a tough one, with townspeople wanting to kill or lynch George along the way. On top of that, he has to contend with other bounty hunters who want to kill George for the bounty on Burt’s head, and they don’t care if he’s the wrong man.