Nellie’s Revenge

Nellie's Revenge

After spending a week resting in his house on the lake in Stratton, Texas, and delivering Pearly Bullock there to be hung by the United States Senator Mark Lusk, Jess is on the hunt for his next prey, Lee Mason.

He encounters three men at a river and then runs into a lawless and inexperienced posse who are chasing after the men who robbed the bank in Glasser, Texas. He convinces the posse to let him go after the three robbers, who refuse to give up. He ends up killing all three men and returns their bodies to Glasser.

While there, he runs into a young woman by the name of Nellie Lawson. He is captivated by her and spends the night with her. After hearing her story, he decides to help her catch the men who killed her parents and raped and tortured her for weeks.

They began their hunt for the four men, who are all living under assumed names, but Jess is not one to give up easily.