The Promise

The Promise

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Jess leaves Hartfield, Texas, on the hunt for Whitey Mugler. After dispatching him to his grave, he finds himself in Campbell, Texas.

While there, he sees two Texas Rangers transporting a vicious murderer named Arnie Boseman to his hanging in Austin, Texas. They leave Campbell and Jess follows the same trail the Rangers were on with their prisoner.

He finds the camp they used. The two Rangers have been murdered. Jess begins his chase for the killer, Arnie Boseman, but the hunt proves difficult.

After missing him several times, with Boseman leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, Jess receives an urgent message from his half-sister, Beth Sloan, in Woodward, Texas.

He breaks off his hunt for Boseman and heads directly to Woodward and his secret sister, Beth.