A Promise Honored

A Promise Honored

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Jess is on the hunt for another wanton killer by the name of Ben Ritchy. Along the way, he meets Texas Ranger Hatch Heller, who’s also looking for Ritchy because he killed Heller’s younger brother. Jess helps him catch Ritchy and lets him take him back to the town of Mason to fulfill the promise he made to his mother, who wants to personally watch him hang.
After that, Jess ends up in the town of Curtis, where he witnesses some drunken cowpunchers almost trample a young woman and her little daughter as they ride their horses fast into town.

When dealing with them, he discovers they work for a man by the name of Ed Bunch, a rich man who made his fortune in oil. Bunch sends two of his hired guns to Curtis to run Jess out of town, not knowing who he really is.

Jess kills them both and pins his Deputy United States Marshal’s badge on and decides to enforce the law in Curtis. Bunch takes the action of pushing back and hires more guns. He quickly learns it was a mistake.

Then Jess receives news that Ritchy murdered Ranger Heller and is on the loose again. Jess goes back on the hunt for Ritchy and ends up getting help from two of his good friends, Wildcat and John Bodine.

With their help, Jess is hell-bent on seeing that Heller’s promise to his mother is fulfilled, one way or another.