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Jess is on the hunt for the murderous Theo Connor. He leaves Wooster, Texas, and heads to Henryville, where Connor was last seen. Along the way, Jess runs into the infamous gunslinger, Cheyenne.

When Jess arrives in Henryville, Connor is not there, but Cheyenne is. When Jess checks in at the telegraph office, he sees a threatening message regarding Cheyenne from Slim Cordell, a ruthless killer who has never yet been caught. It seems Cordell wants Cheyenne dead.

Jess convinces Cheyenne to ride with him until they can find out where Cordell and his gang of thugs are. He finally catches up to Connor in the town of Ruben and Jess kills him. Before it’s over though, six other outlaws lie dead at the hands of Jess and Cheyenne.

The twosome head to Barstow next, where one of Cordell’s men attempts to kill Cheyenne from a distance. Jess, not one to run, sets up an ambush for Cordell and his men. He ends up killing one of them, turning the tables on Cordell and his gang.

But Cordell is not one to give up easily. He wants Cheyenne dead more than he wants to live, which makes him a very dangerous man.