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Jess is on the hunt for August Wesson, but before he finally tracks him down, Wesson hangs a man. Even worse, he does it in front of his wife, Mindy, and her two young children, Roger Junior and Betsie.

After meeting Mindy and her two children, Jess continues his hunt for the killer, more determined than ever to bring Wesson to justice.

A bounty hunter new to the trade, Chakits Krulsawat, shows up at Mindy’s cabin, also looking for Wesson. Krulsawat is in the business for the money, wanting to become rich and retire early, but Jess keeps getting in his way, frustrating the new man in the business.

Chakits finally brings in a high-bounty target, alive, to stand trial. But then things go south and the new bounty hunter is faced with a tough decision.

Alive…or dead?