Long Ride To Justice

The Long Ride To Justice

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Jess leaves Opal, Texas, and travels to the town of Donger to find the next man on his hunt list, Dom Preston. In the process, Jess takes yet another bullet, which leads him to meet Dr. Sam Vaughn, a middle-aged woman with impressive skills as a doctor.

His wound is minor and he leaves Donger to take Preston’s body to the town of Waveland to turn him into the law there. He finds out about a stagecoach robbery by three outlaws. They kidnap Dr. Vaughn and force her into helping one of them who was wounded in the robbery.

One of the men who were killed in the robbery, happened to be a very wealthy man. His wife, Lizzy Draper, hires Jess to hunt down the three men who murdered her husband.

John Bodine is assigned to help Jess and the hunt becomes dangerous with Jess’s enemies trying to catch the bounty and kill him in the process.

But Jess isn’t one to go down without a fight.