New Release The Plot

Jess finally gets to relax in Stratton, Texas, for a week of fishing, visiting and enjoying his house on the lake. His rest comes to an abrupt end when he finds out that a professional hired gun by the name of Len Bowden is in Stratton, asking about him.

Jess confronts the gun handler, but after killing him, he finds a map of his hometown of Black Creek, Kansas, in Bowden’s pocket. Jess’s name is printed on the map next to the town. That causes him to be suspicious and he starts heading to Black Creek to find out what it might mean.

Clay Morgan is living on the lake in Black Creek. When he finds out that a killer by the name of Glen Erlander in town asking questions about Jess, he confronts Erlander and kills him. Morgan finds a map identical to the one Jess found on Bowden. Jess hears this news and starts to put things together.

He heads straight to Black Creek and discovers that he has even more killers coming to find him, but he doesn’t know who they are or when they will arrive.