Fresh Graves

Fresh Graves

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Deputy United States Mashal Frank Reedy sends Jess on a special assignment to track down and kill a vicious murderer by the name of Trey Ward.

Jess travels to Andrew, Texas, in search of Ward, but he’s not there. He runs into two of Ward’s friends. They know where he is, but they’re not talking.

Jess is not one to give up easily. Eventually, he tracks down Ward and his two companions after they commit a brutal stagecoach robbery. Then, he’s sent on another assignment from Reedy.

The town of Bender, Texas, has become rife with drifters and violent outlaws. The federal marshal who had been sent there to clean up the town has been murdered. Jess travels to Bender and takes over the law in town until another federal marshal can get there.

As soon as the second federal marshal arrives in Bender, Jess goes on the hunt for the two men who murdered the first federal marshal. After tracking them down, he’s sent back to Bender again because the second federal marshal has been wounded in yet another ambush attack.

When the job is finally finished, the local cemetery has a lot of fresh graves.