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Jess finally enjoys his time resting in his lake house in Stratton with Wildcat, Bodine and Reedy. After parting ways with the beautiful and deadly female bounty hunter, he was back on the hunt for Van Isidor, a man who had still eluded him.

He eventually gets Isidor, but not before he hears about a beloved preacher from the town of Sawyer who was murdered and the church money taken.

He then starts his hunt for the culprit, Cristian Lyon, and finds help in an old friend. The huge timber wolf named Shadow.

Along the way, there is a brutal murder of a town marshal in Crawford. What got Jess’s attention was the brutal way in which the marshal and his family were murdered, including his wife and two young children.

It brings back old memories of his family’s murders and he begins his hunt for the two killers.

He will deliver his personal form of justice to them…and they will pay.