Payback – Newest Jess Williams Book


Jess has finally decided to take a long-needed break from the bounty hunting business. After leaving Kilgore, Kansas, and splitting off from the aging bounty hunter, John Booth, he goes to his house on the lake in Stratton, Texas. He plans to stay, relax, fish and visit with friends.

His break is quickly cut short when Frank Reedy gets shot and is in grave condition. After only one day of relaxation, he finds himself hunting for the six men responsible for Reedy being shot. He takes John Bodine and Ace Yardley on the hunt with him.

The six outlaws split up in pairs, each going in different directions, making Jess’s job of hunting them down difficult. But almost killing his good friend, Frank Reedy, was a mistake of proportions that the six killers would never realize…until Jess finds them and dispenses his own personal style of justice.