Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways

Jess is on his way back to Texas after ridding his hometown of Black Creek, Kansas, from drifters and troublemakers. While he makes his way back toward Texas, he finds himself hunting another killer. That leads him to a trading post, where he finds the man he’s been looking for. He dispenses his cold justice on the killer and ends up staying the night there.

While there, he meets three nuns who are traveling to a convent in southwest Oklahoma Territory. They quickly share their opinion about what he does for a living, killing men for money. After he leaves the trading post, he finds the stagecoach carrying the nuns along the trail. The shotgun rider and driver have been murdered, and all the cash the nuns had been carrying to the convent has been stolen.

The nuns are alive and well, but now they inform him that he has been chosen to escort them to the convent and get their money back from the robbers. He refuses but offers to help them to the next town, but they insist on him taking them all the way to the convent.

He finds himself in a strange predicament when his horses refuse to leave the nuns. He drives the stagecoach to the next town and again attempts to leave them, but his horses seem to have a mind of their own.

Reluctantly, he submits himself to doing what they insist he must. The trip along the way is a strange one indeed. Things that go unexplained keep happening and Jess wonders who is really running things, him, the nuns, or someone else. Order your new book today!