The Notorious Four

The Notorious Four

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After leaving Templeton, Texas, and John Bodine, Jess begins his hunt for Ricky Jewel. The hunt takes him to the town of Belding, Texas. After dealing with Jewel, he takes his body to the town of Salisbury, Texas, to turn in for the bounty.

The town marshal of Salisbury, Vic Vinton, hands Jess two wanted posters on two of the men who have been dubbed, the Notorious Four, by the Northwest Mounted Police in Canada. After seeing the list of horrific crimes the four have committed, and knowing that they’ve fled across the border into the states, Jess is determined to hunt them all down and make them pay.

Two things stand in his way. The long enduring hunt for the Notorious Four, and the many enemies Jess has made over the years. Jess, however, is not one to let that get in his way as he mows down his enemies in his hunt for the Notorious Four.

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