Bad Men

Bad Men

Jess is on the hunt for Lon Winter after leaving the town of Terrance, Texas. He rides into the town of Millbury, Texas, and accidentally runs into the Madsen brothers. One of them takes a hostage and bullets fly.

He tracks Winter to Gilead, where he meets a down-and-out young bounty hunter by the name of Vernon Garrison. Jess agrees to help him out temporarily. They team up to hunt Winter, which takes them to the town of Eldon, Texas.

While there, Jess receives a telegraph message from another bounty hunter he had worked with before, Ethan Stone. He has gotten himself locked up and charged with murder. Jess splits from Garrison to travel to Victorville to help Stone prove his innocence.

Then, Jess receives a message from United States Marshal Frank Reedy, informing him of a wanted man who hadn’t been seen in a long time. Reedy has a clue and Jess follows it, only to be led down another dangerous path.

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