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Jess’s next hunt takes him to the town of Canton, Texas. He ends up in a running shootout with his prey, Hank Dupree, and sends him straight to the devil. But during the shootout, the marshal is wounded by Dupree and now can’t perform his duties.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the deputy ends up wounded before Jess gets to leave town, leaving Canton completely unprotected from the drifters and troublemakers who seem to continue to plague the town.

Jess is asked to stay until the marshal or the deputy can resume their duties. He agrees, but has no idea of how much trouble is coming his way. It seems that every drifter and troublemaker in Texas shows up in town. Guns blaze and bodies start filling up the local cemetery.

Before he leaves the town of Canton, he has three new men to hunt, but this time it’s personal.