Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets

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Ruby Taft was living a peaceful life with her husband Sam. But that was all upended by the four outlaws her husband had stolen money from, a secret past he’d kept from her.

After they killed Sam, they put Ruby through hell. They beat her to the brink of death and left her to die in her home. What Sam and the outlaws didn’t know was that Ruby also had a secret past.

Jess is hot on the trail for more wanted killers. While in Corbin, Texas, he meets a woman gunslinger with a deadly right hand. After Jess hears her whole story, including her past life as a pistol competitor and gunslinger in the Northwest Territories of Canada, he decides to help her pursue the men who murdered her husband.

Ruby’s real name is Emma Bouchard, and it seems that Emma can be just as ruthless and deadly as the four men who ruined her peaceful life. Now, with Jess’s help in finding the four men, she will exact her revenge or die trying.

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