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Jess left George Logan in Akron, Texas, and was now on the hunt for a man by the name of Bud Price. His hunt has taken him to the town of Silverton.

When he eliminates Price and takes his body to the marshal in the town of Two Rivers, he discovers that another wanted man, Mike Garth, almost strangled the marshal there during an escape from the jail.

While there, he meets a woman, Mable, working at the café, and agrees to escort her to a trading post. He leaves her there and continues on to the town of Opal, searching for Garth.

He finds Garth in Opal, working in a saloon. Jess dispenses his form of justice. Along the way, Jess’s old friend Shadow suddenly shows up.

What Jess also finds in Opal is Clint Baxter, a man from Michigan who wants to get started in the bounty hunting business. Baxter wants Jess to train him, but he refuses and advises him to go back to Michigan.

Jess and Baxter both end up in Two Rivers. When Baxter meets Mable’s sister, Lorretta, it’s love at first sight. But Baxter is determined to be a bounty hunter and sets off on his first hunt, while Jess gets a lead on an upcoming train robbery.

Jess finds out that Baxter is near dead and at the doctor’s office in Kale, where he attempted to capture the very dangerous Wilson brothers.

Now, Jess heads to Kale and is on the hunt for the Wilson brothers. They’re a sneaky and dangerous pair, but Jess has the help of his sometimes partner, Shadow.

In the end, will love blossom, or will there be another funeral?

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