Oklahoma Outlaws

Oklahoma Outlaws

On the way back from Kansas City, Kansas, to Texas, Jess is on the hunt for Buck Lochmann. After catching him, he takes the body to Richman, Kansas, where he meets an old friend, John Booth. He’s also a bounty hunter, but he’s almost too old for the business. Jess gives Booth a hand, but then they separate again.

Jess hunts another man, and in the process, helps a woman and her young son, Doug. After transporting them to the town of Kensington, he ends up meeting Booth there again. Booth is planning on going after the vicious Anthony Clark gang, but Jess knows that Booth is not up to the task and might get himself killed while trying.

Jess and Booth go on the hunt together. The hunt turns deadly and difficult, but Jess is never one to let that get in his way.

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