The Boone Gang

The Boone Gang

Jess finally catches the next man on his hunt list, Andrew Poppet. In exchange for his life, Poppet reveals the location of the Boone gang, one of the most notorious gangs in the West. Lawmen and bounty hungers have been searching for them for months, but no one has been able to find them.

Jess makes a deal with Poppet and locks him up in the jail in Waterville, Texas, with a promise that if Poppet is lying, he’ll come back and send him straight to hell with a bullet. He heads to Summerlin, where the gang is hiding out in a very secret location west of town.

Surprisingly, when Jess arrives in Summerlin, he finds Wildcat, who is on the hunt for Laban Eastwood’s partner. If that isn’t enough of a surprise, he finds the huge timber wolf, Shadow, with Wildcat. The fact that Shadow is with her is an omen of some tough times ahead, but neither of them realizes just how tough things are going to get.

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