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Jess leaves Frank Reedy behind and heads to the town of Lockton, Texas, on the hunt for his next man, Lar Clemson. After bringing Clemson into Lockton to collect the bounty, he learns that a young woman, Crissy, has been kidnapped by four outlaws.

Jess decides to track the men and find Crissy. Her freckled and red-haired brother, Red, goes along with him. They quickly find Crissy, but she has been brutalized by the four men. The terrible scene brings back Jess’s memories of his family’s murders, especially the ruthless torture and killing of his little sister, Samantha.

After tempering his rage, Jess goes on the hunt for the four men, who are now all wanted dead or alive. Crissy’s brother is hell-bent on going with him. They start tracking down the men, but they prove to be elusive prey. Jess promised Red’s mother that he would do his best to protect him, but Red gets shot after freezing up during a gunfight with the four outlaws. Worried Red might be a liability, Jess has to decide whether the young man should continue the hunt or be sent home.

WOUNDED: Eightieth in a Series of Jess Williams Westerns


In this 80th installment of the exploits of bounty hunter Jess Williams, he takes on some of his most evil foes yet. Sid Norton is a tough one. The notorious killer ambushes Jess, wounds him and heads in to finish him off. Just then a young woman living in the woods with her son fires at Norton and he rides away.

The woman is named Mandy and her boy is Davey. Together they get Jess to their tent. Mandy cleans and stitches his wound and they wait for him to come around, hoping they’ve done enough to keep him alive. When Jess wakes up he’s grateful, of course, but also concerned about the two living alone in the woods. Although Mandy has spunk, the pair might not be as lucky the next time evil men arrive. He convinces them to go with him as he follows Norton’s trail to the next town.

They find that Norton has continued his murderous ways, killing off the mayor and new town marshal of Deerfield, leaving the mayor’s wife to manage the general store they owned. Elsie, however, is in a wheelchair. Jess sets up Mandy and Davey to live with her and help run the store.

Jess is anxious to end Norton’s reign of terror before the killer takes the lives of any others, but Norton has already acted. After killing two more people in Temperance, Texas, one the barkeep, Norton holes up in the saloon in a battle to the death. Jess wins that battle and then heads to California, Texas, to turn in the body.

As soon as this task is finished a wagon arrives with a woman doctor clinging to life. She had earlier tended to Jess’s wounds, but after she treated one of the Coker brothers the ungrateful killer shot her and left her for dead.

As Jess heads off to seek vengeance on the Coker brothers, he comes across an old friend, but not under happy circumstances. John Booth has been chasing a bad guy but now he’s lying in the dirt barely alive. They head to the town of Mulberry to get him treatment and go after the Cokers.

The Guardian By Robert Thomas

The Guardian

Jess is on the hunt for Cliff Radish, and after he puts him down, he ends up taking the body to the town of Duston, Texas. The town marshal there happens to be Cliff’s older brother, Ernie. While there, two men gun down the marshal and he’s unable to perform his duties.

Ernie Radish calls on Jess to protect the town until he can get out of bed and to make matters worse, a huge cattle drive will arrive in a few days. Jess finds himself dealing with hired guns, whores, drunken cowpunchers and drifters coming to town. He pins his United States Marshal’s badge on and takes over the law in Duston.

The cattle drive leaves and the working girls try to hire Jess to escort them safely to Oklahoma City, but instead, he recommends they hire Rick Muller, a gambler and gunslinger from California, who happens to be hanging around Duston. Before Jess leaves town, he realizes that three outlaws are trailing the wagon of women.

He quickly finds himself helping Muller transport the women, but trouble seems to show up at every turn. He has to deal with ambushers, gunslingers, and men with a grudge against him.

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Lead Jury The Newest Jess Williams Western

Lead Jury Out Now!

While Jess would like nothing more than a good long rest after successfully ridding Nebraska of a few vicious outlaws, fate has a way of stepping in to spoil his plans. He’s met up with someone whose company he greatly enjoys, the beautiful but deadly female bounty hunter, Wildcat.

It seems Wildcat has something special in mind, but it doesn’t rest. The usually wild and dangerous territory of New Mexico has gotten much worse and she needs Jess’s help in cleaning out some of the worst gangs in the southern part of the region.

Jess, Wildcat, John Bodine and Shadow all head to the southern part of New Mexico Territory. The only one not wearing a Deputy United States Marshals badge is the timber wolf, Shadow.

The gangs of murderous outlaws who have fled from neighboring states to elude the law have no idea of the trouble heading their way. The killers are about to be treated like they’ve been treating their victims…with ruthless and deadly force.

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Close Calls

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Jess is on the hunt for the vicious Van McLarty and once he puts him down, he takes the body into the town of Palmdale, Texas, where he runs into a very disagreeable county sheriff and the Corker clan. It seems the Corker men think they run things around their area, including the county sheriff.

After his run-in with three of the Corker men, the leader of the group, Hagar Corker, declares war on Jess and the town of Palmdale. The county sheriff rides out of Palmdale and leaves Jess to handle the clan by himself. Lead flies and blood is spilt before a truce can be agreed upon.

After leaving Palmdale, Jess finds himself being held against his will on a moving train owned by a wealthy man by the name of John Roscoe. He offers $100,000.00 to the gunslinger who can take Jess in a duel. The train snakes its way through Texas, New Mexico Territory, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio, where Jess faces some of the deadliest gunfighters no one ever knew existed. His last challenge is with Roscoe, but Roscoe doesn’t play fair.

After teaching Roscoe a lesson, Jess heads to Stratton, Texas for a quick visit, but Reedy has a deadly job waiting for him. One that requires his special set of skills. He has to hunt down a former Texas Ranger who is hiding in a huge forest, and he’s an expert with a sniper rifle. To make matters worse, the Ranger has gone completely mad. Jess goes in, but will he come out?