Close Calls

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Jess is on the hunt for the vicious Van McLarty and once he puts him down, he takes the body into the town of Palmdale, Texas, where he runs into a very disagreeable county sheriff and the Corker clan. It seems the Corker men think they run things around their area, including the county sheriff.

After his run-in with three of the Corker men, the leader of the group, Hagar Corker, declares war on Jess and the town of Palmdale. The county sheriff rides out of Palmdale and leaves Jess to handle the clan by himself. Lead flies and blood is spilt before a truce can be agreed upon.

After leaving Palmdale, Jess finds himself being held against his will on a moving train owned by a wealthy man by the name of John Roscoe. He offers $100,000.00 to the gunslinger who can take Jess in a duel. The train snakes its way through Texas, New Mexico Territory, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio, where Jess faces some of the deadliest gunfighters no one ever knew existed. His last challenge is with Roscoe, but Roscoe doesn’t play fair.

After teaching Roscoe a lesson, Jess heads to Stratton, Texas for a quick visit, but Reedy has a deadly job waiting for him. One that requires his special set of skills. He has to hunt down a former Texas Ranger who is hiding in a huge forest, and he’s an expert with a sniper rifle. To make matters worse, the Ranger has gone completely mad. Jess goes in, but will he come out?

Deadly Pursuit

Deadly Pursuit

Jess is on the hunt for Hank Shelly, which leads him to the spot where a stagecoach robbery took place with two men left dead on the ground. He tracks Shelly for a short while from the scene, but Shelly is covering his tracks well.

That takes him to the town of Holly, where he meets a rich rancher by the name of Orton Ruse. He quickly discovers that Shelly, who had previously worked for the rancher, robbed the stagecoach and took one hundred thousand dollars that belonged to Ruse.

Ruse offers Jess a large cash reward to hunt Shelly down and get his money back. Meanwhile, another man, who was inside the stagecoach when Shelly robbed it, decides to go after Shelly himself for the money.

Their paths cross several times and Jess is not sure if he’s a friend or foe, but time will tell as the two men hunt for the elusive Hank Shelly.

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Hell Town Now Available!

Hell Town Available Now!

After leaving Sister Nadine and the other two nuns at the convent in Oklahoma Territory, Jess is back doing what he does best. He crosses back into Texas and heads to the town of Hoover, where he finds the man he’s hunting, Brian Reed.

While in Hoover, he meets a hired gun by the name of Vic Pardo. Pardo finds the man he was hired to kill and easily dispatches him to an early grave. Not having another job after that, he convinces Jess to let him ride along with him for a while to make some extra money. They make a good team and hunt down some stone-cold killers together.

Along the way, a fast draw expert from Boise, Idaho, confronts Jess. He wants to finish his unblemished career as an expert gunfighter by challenging Jess, but Jess quickly discovers that the gunfighter might love his whiskey more than his reputation.

Then comes Hell Town…

Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways

Jess is on his way back to Texas after ridding his hometown of Black Creek, Kansas, from drifters and troublemakers. While he makes his way back toward Texas, he finds himself hunting another killer. That leads him to a trading post, where he finds the man he’s been looking for. He dispenses his cold justice on the killer and ends up staying the night there.

While there, he meets three nuns who are traveling to a convent in southwest Oklahoma Territory. They quickly share their opinion about what he does for a living, killing men for money. After he leaves the trading post, he finds the stagecoach carrying the nuns along the trail. The shotgun rider and driver have been murdered, and all the cash the nuns had been carrying to the convent has been stolen.

The nuns are alive and well, but now they inform him that he has been chosen to escort them to the convent and get their money back from the robbers. He refuses but offers to help them to the next town, but they insist on him taking them all the way to the convent.

He finds himself in a strange predicament when his horses refuse to leave the nuns. He drives the stagecoach to the next town and again attempts to leave them, but his horses seem to have a mind of their own.

Reluctantly, he submits himself to doing what they insist he must. The trip along the way is a strange one indeed. Things that go unexplained keep happening and Jess wonders who is really running things, him, the nuns, or someone else. Order your new book today!

Black Creek

Black Creek Now Available

Jess’s hunt for Jon McBride leads him to a little no named town in Texas. He quickly dispenses his brand of justice and sends McBride to the hot coals of hell. As luck would have it, another killer shows up minutes before Jess leaves the town. When he finally rides out, he’s hauling two stinkers behind his packhorse.

He takes the corpses to the town of Diablo, Texas, where he must deal with some less than desirable officials. After resolving the matter, he heads for the town of Sudbury on the hunt for the next man on his list.

His hunt then takes him to Malvern, Texas, where he runs into a whole mess of trouble and a town marshal that doesn’t want him to leave. He sticks around for a few days, hoping to catch his next prey, Ben Essex, but things heat up in the town with people trying to find their fortune in the hills nearby.

Before he leaves Malvern, he receives an urgent message from an old friend from his hometown of Black Creek, Kansas. He heads there and finds himself defending the town he loves once again. He is faced with drifters, a cattle drive, and a professional gunslinger who wants him dead for the reputation.

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