Long Ride To Justice

The Long Ride To Justice

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Jess leaves Opal, Texas, and travels to the town of Donger to find the next man on his hunt list, Dom Preston. In the process, Jess takes yet another bullet, which leads him to meet Dr. Sam Vaughn, a middle-aged woman with impressive skills as a doctor.

His wound is minor and he leaves Donger to take Preston’s body to the town of Waveland to turn him into the law there. He finds out about a stagecoach robbery by three outlaws. They kidnap Dr. Vaughn and force her into helping one of them who was wounded in the robbery.

One of the men who were killed in the robbery, happened to be a very wealthy man. His wife, Lizzy Draper, hires Jess to hunt down the three men who murdered her husband.

John Bodine is assigned to help Jess and the hunt becomes dangerous with Jess’s enemies trying to catch the bounty and kill him in the process.

But Jess isn’t one to go down without a fight.

Three Good Men Now Available

Three Good Men

Also Available On Kindle!

Jess leaves Bend, Texas, to head to Gardner, where a gang of outlaws has been terrorizing the town. The gunslinger and gambler, Cheyenne, offers his help to return a huge favor.

John Bodine gets called into service and is sent to Gardner, Texas, to assist Jess. He arrives first and is captured and locked up in the town jail.

When Jess arrives, he rescues Bodine. Then, Jess, Bodine, and Cheyenne confront the outlaws terrorizing Gardner. Lead flies and men die before the battle is over.

After the deadly gunfight, Jess splits off from the other two, on the hunt for Ruben Straight. Along the way, he decides to pursue two more wanted killers…one by one.



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Jess is on the hunt for the murderous Theo Connor. He leaves Wooster, Texas, and heads to Henryville, where Connor was last seen. Along the way, Jess runs into the infamous gunslinger, Cheyenne.

When Jess arrives in Henryville, Connor is not there, but Cheyenne is. When Jess checks in at the telegraph office, he sees a threatening message regarding Cheyenne from Slim Cordell, a ruthless killer who has never yet been caught. It seems Cordell wants Cheyenne dead.

Jess convinces Cheyenne to ride with him until they can find out where Cordell and his gang of thugs are. He finally catches up to Connor in the town of Ruben and Jess kills him. Before it’s over though, six other outlaws lie dead at the hands of Jess and Cheyenne.

The twosome head to Barstow next, where one of Cordell’s men attempts to kill Cheyenne from a distance. Jess, not one to run, sets up an ambush for Cordell and his men. He ends up killing one of them, turning the tables on Cordell and his gang.

But Cordell is not one to give up easily. He wants Cheyenne dead more than he wants to live, which makes him a very dangerous man.

Left For Dead

Left For Dead

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After leaving the town of Woodward, Texas, and his secret sister, Beth Sloan, Jess is back on the hunt for Arnie Boseman, who has continued to escape his grasp.

His hunt takes him to Webster, Texas, but he misses Boseman once more, and the killer has resumed his killing spree yet again.

While in Webster, the Texas Ranger whose wife was Arnie Boseman’s first kill shows up in town. He gives Jess no choice but to let him join the hunt. The Ranger, Terrance Whittle, is so grief-stricken that he becomes erratic, putting both their lives in danger.

Jess has to continue the hunt for Boseman, and at the same time keep the Ranger from doing something he’ll regret later. After finally sending Arnie Boseman to his grave, Jess receives a message from United States Marshal Frank Reedy. John Bodine was expected back in Stratton after helping Jess in Woodward but never showed up.

Jess drops everything he’s doing and follows his back trail. He finds Bodine, who had been ambushed and left for dead but now John can’t remember anything.

Jess hunts for the men he thinks are responsible with the help of the wolf named Shadow.

The Border

The Border

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Jess is hunting the dangerous killer, Murry Lander, which takes him to Hillsboro, Texas. When he arrives, he discovers that two men have just gunned down the town mayor.

He tracks the two killers to the town of Mason and discovers that Lander has also been there. Meanwhile, another bounty hunter shows up looking for Lander.

A young girl named Sissy arrives on the stagecoach. Jess finds himself saddled with her and her quest to find her brother. If that isn’t enough to deal with, he ends up helping another woman, Marybeth, who has been held against her will for years.

He feels obligated to help Sissy find her brother and help Marybeth find a new life, but there’s a chance he might have to kill Sissy’s brother when he finds him.